International Seminar on “Fraternity as a legal and political relational principle

8 Mar 2013 | Life

E’’ l’’avvenimento accademico europeo più rilevante, riguardante lo studio della fraternità nella politica e nel diritto da quando Chiara Lubich, nel 2000, ha lanciato la fraternità come “lo specifico del Movimento politico per l’’unità.”

International Seminar, 11-13th March 2013

Promoted by 8 european universities, the seminar is primarily intended for scholars and researchers; however, upon registration students and anyone interested are welcome.
There will be 61 speakers, coming from various European countries, as well as from Brazil (25) and Argentina (6), with a qualified African representation.

In recent years the interest for fraternity has greatly increased; fraternity understood not only as a parental relationship lived in private, and not even as a privileged relationship within a closed organization (religious or sectarian), but as a relational principle of thought and action, which finds its place of realization and development in the open space.
Fraternity, certainly, is not a recent discovery. It has a long history, a plural one, since the idea of ??fraternity, in its different versions, belongs to the civilization that arose on every Continent, which left different and important tracks in the cultures that we are currently living.
In addition to the fraternity brought by the traditions, the study should also be addressed to the fraternity lived in daily life, which animates the endless and various forms of social relations, of economic and political collaboration, and voluntary commitment.

The Seminar on the principle of fraternity, is an opportunity of meeting and studying for students who have already addressed the issue of fraternity, and aims to encourage the formation of an interdisciplinary network of study on this subject.

The disciplinary areas of the program are:

– Philosophy and culture of fraternity
– Democracy and participation
– Friendship, fraternity, Community: notions and habits in international relationships
– Fraternity, science of law, justice: a relational perspective
– Fraternity and Constitutions

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