21 Apr 2020 | Life

It is a multimedia marathon to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of UNO’s World Earth Day, organized by Earth Day and the Focolare Movement.

The United Nations will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of World Earth Day (Earth Day), on April 22, 2020.  It is the most impactful event in the world that raises awareness of the protection of the planet with billions of people involved each year through the work of seventy-five thousand partners in 193 countries.

Italy has the task of opening the World Celebrations dedicating them to Pope Francis, in the 5th Anniversary of his Encyclical Letter Laudato si, which has contributed so much in generating worldwide awareness on Climate Change, on the eve of the historic Paris Climate Agreement (2015).

The multimedia marathon #OnePeopleOnePlanet will be entirely broadcast on the streaming channel Rai Play, with a live schedule of 12 hours (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.). In addition to Rai Play and numerous programs of Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rai News and Rai Ragazzi, Vatican Media; TV2000; Radio Italia; NSL Crossmedial Studios; Rinnovabili.it, Lifegate will bring their contribution to this media relay

#OnePeopleOnePlanet was born from the efforts of Earth Day Italy and the Focolare Movement, which have been working together for years in the creation of the Village for the Earth, the most participated environmental event of Italy today suspended due to the emergency COVID19. The Italian marathon, supported by Huawei as part of a campaign of social responsibility during the epidemic crisis, will be part of the global media event entitled #Earthrise which will involve the 193 member countries of the United Nations.

“We are honored by His Holiness Pope Francis’ commitment to uniting people on the importance of the Earth at this very important time,” said Denis Hayes, founder of Earth Day, and Kathleen Rogers, president of the Earth Day Network. “His Encyclical Laudato si’ underscores the powerful relationship that each of us has with our unique Planet.”

The multimedia marathon

The online marathon will be animated by numerous lectures, insights, testimonials, performances,and campaigns, with links to numerous radio and television programs, to maximize the media shockwave, designed to offer a constructive interpretation to the current crisis situation.

“The serious social and economic crisis brought about by the Coronavirus – says Pierluigi Sassi, president of Earth Day Italy –  could make these celebrations difficult, and at the same time, it calls us to relaunch the theme of social and economic sustainability which today shows all its urgency and which finds an extraordinary opportunity in our global event. We wish to launch a message of hope to the world, but also to call everyone to a renewed commitment, because with the Coronavirus everyone has realized how much too speculative economic models end up eliminating all forms of solidarity and exhausting the Planet beyond its capacity to regenerate itself”.

#OnePeopleOnePlanet wants to represent the spirit of the Village for the Earth of which the media marathon will resume the following topics: environmental education, nature protection and sustainable development, solidarity, and participation. It will be animated by dozens of video contributions – live and on-demand on the platform www.onepeopleoneplanet.it – from the galaxy of partners, associations, institutions, testimonials, representatives of the world of science, culture, art, entertainment, and sport, which for years have been the heart of the event.

There will be exciting and engaging moments in which viewers from home can participate by interacting in the web platform and socials, using the hashtags of the day: #OnePeopleOnePlanet, #CosaHoImparato, #EarthDay2020, #iocitengo, #VillaggioperlaTerra, #focolaremedia.

“It is a marathon – Federica Vivian of the Focolare Movement affirms – that, from the present time, would aim to capture the signs of a new season of solidarity, of being caring, of aiming at what unites us, for the good of all and of each one. It is a season in which to choose to ‘do good things well’ in interpersonal relationships and with our land”.

“Huawei welcomes the event with deep participation and expresses its closeness to the message of hope and universal solidarity launched by the Holy Father,”comments Thomas Miao, CEO of Huawei Italy. “We believe that digitization is crucial to help the world fight poverty and inequality and to tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind. There is a full accord between Huawei’s vision and the community’s commitment to achieving these goals. Through innovative and inclusive technologies, we want to make digital services more accessible and available to all and contribute to social and economic development, while promoting the sustainable development of our planet’s ecosystem.


In the next few hours, the organizers will announce the many protagonists of this long radio and television production directed by Gianni Milano, with the artistic direction of Giulia Morello and the scientific direction of Roberta Cafarotti.

You can view the entire program by clicking on the website: #OnePeopleOnePlanet.
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