#InTimeforPeace: the call for a stop to the economic embargo on Syria

7 May 2020 | Life

For the NGO New Humanity, peacetime is now. Loppiano also joins the call for the immediate lifting of the economic embargo against Syria.


More than 12,000 people have already signed the petition promoted by the NGO New Humanity on the Change.org platform to stop the economic embargo imposed on Syria. But we need more than 15,000!

We too want to spread this petition and avert an imminent humanitarian catastrophe.

The worldwide news reports of the Coronavirus pandemic infection that followed one after the other pointed out that we are one race, with the same genetic heritage, the same way of getting sick, We are one humanity.

However, we are not equal when faced with the disease: people in misery or within the tragedy of war leave with a serious handicap. Among the many, the Syrian people are still at war. And today they have to deal with an emergency brought about by a very heavy total embargo, sanctioned by the USA and Europe.

After our common experience of pain, we can no longer turn our faces the other way. There is something we can do and do it now!

The appeal is addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the European institutions to lift the embargo, at least temporarily, and to review the technical and financial mechanisms that prevent effective health aid to the country.

This is the first step and then we can work for other peoples in the same situation.

We also need you, your commitment to multiply the strength of this “summons” for peace.

Sign the petition and make this appeal known.

For more information, visit the website of the NGO New Humanity.


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