AiutiAMOci(Let’s help each other) … waiting for Christmas

4 Dec 2020 | Life

Starting from December 5, food and basic necessities that will be used for the preparation of baskets to be donated to families in economic difficulties of the Municipality of Figline and Incisa Valdarno  will be collected.

«The “aiutAMOci” (“Let’s help each other”) project wants to be a chain of concrete help to all the people who are experiencing a difficult moment – says Nahomy Onate, a young girl from Loppiano – a chain that not only wants to help but that calls each one of us to be responsible, to look around us and to act!». Do not think this is an isolated action, a mere Christmas solidarity. Quite the opposite. As Nahomy explains to us, a “#daretocare” commission has also been set up in Loppiano, the campaign launched by the United World Project for 2020-2021, which proposes to put the paradigm of “care” at the center of our lives as citizens and of politics. #daretocare is the slogan and hashtag of the campaign that literally means: “dare to care.” That is, taking charge, taking an active interest, giving importance, to the most fragile people, to the planet, to institutions, to our city, to our neighbors, to the problems of our society. A group of people representing all the activities present in Loppiano are part of the commission.

«”Dare to take care” is the slogan of the campaign that urges us to be at the forefront, active in the society in which we live, to help the most fragile people and to open our eyes to the environmental situation of our planet … – continues Nahomy – So, during this year, we will try to make this slogan concrete, putting us in touch with all the associations in the area, in order to be able to support the projects they already carry out. We think that helping each other and supporting each other in the various activities is fundamental. We want to be incisive on our territory and leave our mark with the conviction that “love overcomes everything.»

The project “aiutiAMOci” is the first iniziative: a collection of food and basic necessities that will be used for the preparation of baskets to be donated to families in financial difficulties in the Municipality of Figline and Incisa Valdarno. The collection will begin on December 5 and will end on December 20, 2020. In conclusion, the baskets will be prepared for families. The collection will take place in the parishes of the territory in collaboration with Caritas:

The parishes involved are:

– Theotokos
– San Vito

– S. Alessandro
– Vivaio

– S. Biagio
– Collegiata
– Scampata
– Oratorio
– Poggetta


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