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24 Feb 2021 | In evidence


The course, Gocce di Spiritualità, will be available beginning in April, for anyone interested in exploring the charism of  Chiara Lubich.


It’s called Gocce di Spiritualità and it is a residential course that will explore the charism of Chiara Lubich and the Focolare Movement.

Lubich’s spirituality has been defined as “collective” or “communitarian” and its goal is to contribute to the realization of Jesus’s prayer to the Father: “That all may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you” (John 17:21).

The course will examine twelve key points of Focolare Spirituality: God-Love, God’s Will, the Word, Neighbor, Mutual Love, Eucharistic Jesus, Unity, Jesus Forsaken, Mary, Church-Communion, Holy Spirit, and Jesus in the Midst.

The purpose of this Course is to offer a communitarian experience of these basic points of Focolare Spirituality. The course can be taken at three significant locations in the history of the Focolare Movement: the Mariapolis Center in Trent, Italy; the Mariapolis Center in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, and the Mariapolis of Loppiano, Italy.

The course will include sharing, personal and communitarian reflection, testimonies and prayer. It will take place over two weekends, with the option of choosing two different locations.

Dates when the course will take place in Loppiano: April 9 – 11; April 23 – 25; May 7 – 9; May 29 – 30; June 11 – 13, and July 2 – 4.

The event will be conditioned by anti-Covid measures that are in force at the time.

To Join the Course

APPLICATION FORM: “Gocce di Spiritualità”, Loppiano
PROGRAM_ Gocce di spiritualità

Information Packet

Arrival:         Friday before 18:00.
Departure:   Sunday after lunch.
Price per person for full board, single room: 150 euros.
Price per person for full board, double room: 130 euros.

Included in the price:

·       cost of the course

·       meals and lodging from Friday supper to Sunday lunch

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