Playground at Loppiano: We’re almost there.

16 Apr 2021 | Life

After a lot of fundraising projects, the dream of Loppiano’s children is about to come true, a playground!


Some time ago, we talked about the project of the children here at Loppiano of building a playground where they could be together, young and old, in the midst of nature. Now we can tell you that the donations are coming in and, little by little, we’re reaching the goal. We have already exceeded 10,000 euros! A great variety of projects have been done to raise funds and contribute to this cause. We share the story of two of those fundraisers.

The first is the story of two little sisters from Saronno, Italy: Ilaria and Serena, aged 10 and 8 who sent a letter in an envelope addressed to “The Boys and Girls of Loppiano”. Ilaria writes:

“Dear friends, Grandmother showed us your beautiful video about your dream of having a playground in Loppiano.

We would like to give you some of the coins that our grandparents give to us from time to time as a little tip. Our grandmother, Rosa, and our grandfather, Giovanni, were also glad to contribute something too.

All children have a dream! Mine is to save animals, especially the dolphins.”

Serena writes: “My dream is to save the world from waste, starting with my city (which is a bit dirty) and I would like everyone to help and love each other. For about 2 months I have been attending the Scouts and we will collect waste in the parks.”

A few days later, an answer was sent from the children at Loppiano:

“Ilaria and Serena, thank you from all of us children at Loppiano for your contribution to the playground. Your dreams are fantastic and I am sure you will be able to make them come true. My name is Sofia, I have a dream too, I would like to be a volcanologist and study to predict volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. I hope that one day we can all play together in the Loppiano playground. A hug from Sofia and all the children here.”

But it’s not just children who dream …

Tina from Loppiano wrote an imposing letter to her friends and relatives a few days before her birthday:

“Dear Everybody, I was thinking about this period of the pandemic and felt sad for the human family and  wanted to find a way to bring some cheer to the little ones. The opportunity arrived when I heard about the ‘dream’ of the children in Loppiano. So, for my 70th birthday, I am daring to ask that anyone who can or wants, to make a small or large donation to their playground project. It will be a place surrounded by nature where all the children in Loppiano will be able to play together in an international atmosphere surrounded by what they like to call their citadel.”

Whether it was because Tina’s relatives and friends are so generous, that they love Tina so much, the fact is that thanks to her birthday several thousands of euros have arrived!

The video about this dream and the many projects that made it come has subtitles in English, French, Portuguese, Korean and Russian. We recently learned that a generous donation is on its way from Korea!

We’re almost there! Bureaucratic issues are being finalized and then we will be able to start building. Just to be sure, a study was also requested that certifies the absence of electromagnetic pollution in the area. We hope to be able to show you the photos of Loppiano’s playground soon!

If you would like to donate:

Banca Carige S.p.A. – Branch of Incisa (FI) – Account Name P.A.M.O.M.

Code: IBAN IT05J0617505463000000534480 – Cause: DONATION OF THE GAMES PARK

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