Refugee, the Christmas Concert of Gen Rosso

14 Dec 2021 | Life

It is a concert to show solidarity with those people who live in dramatic situations of suffering and abandonment: Gen Rosso dedicates “Refugee”, the Christmas Concert that will be held, finally live, on Saturday, December 18, in the Loppiano Auditorium, to the refugees of the world.


After the experience in Bosnia’s reception center of Borići, Gen Rosso continues its commitment to refugees and migrants with the Christmas Concert 2021, entitled “Refugee”, which will take place, finally live, on December 18, at 21:00 (UTC+1), at Loppiano’s Auditorium.
The concert is dedicated to all those who are currently in situations of suffering and discomfort, with the desire to bring relief, peace and hope to each of our human family.
Among the participants are also the artists of the Samizdat band (Nomadi cover band) from Pozzallo, winners of the Gen Rosso Music Contest!

How does one participate?

Gen Rosso

The Gen Rosso International Performing Arts Group was born in 1966 in Loppiano (Florence) from an idea of Chiara Lubich, who gave a red drum set to a group of young people to communicate the messages of peace and universal brotherhood through music and thus contribute to the realization of a more united world. Gen Rosso’s original activity stems from its artistic and cultural background, from the internationality of its members and from the personal commitment of each one to implement the values of which they are ambassadors, in the context of daily life.


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