A small town, a laboratory of fraternity


A small town, a laboratory of fraternity

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Loppiano is the first international little city of the Focolare Movement. It is an active part of a network of realities distributed in the five continents and inspired by the same ideals of unity and fraternity.

Every year Loppiano welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world to the enchanting heart of Tuscany indicating a style of coexistence that also speaks to the great multicultural cities of the Third Millennium..

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Loppiano Experience

Choose the experience that suits you, Loppiano is ready to welcome you with open arms.

In just a few hours or a weekend, the “Loppiano experience” can become an itinerary to discover the town and its inhabitants. There are many opportunities, some of them already scheduled throughout the year. Take a look at the calendar to also participate in the events of Loppiano.

Young people, families, university students, for those interested in becoming a temporary citizen of Loppiano all paths are open and the programs are custom-made. Living in the little city for a few weeks or months means becoming part of this fraternity workshop.

Vacations? Conferences? Are you looking for a space that can give added value to your projects? Loppiano is open to people, associations, companies and institutions that want to organize their activities in its structures. Networking increases biodiversity and increases its positive impact.

Economy and Work

The economy of Loppiano rests on work and the communion of goods. From the very beginning, various productive realities were born from this experience.

Spirituality and Dialogue

“We go to God together with man, together with our brothers and sisters, indeed we go to God through man”Chiara Lubich

Ecology and Care of the Earth

Loppiano is a small green city a few steps away from Florence. Here the nature that hosts us is particularly generous and our first commitment of fraternity is the care for this beautiful land.


Since its foundation in Loppiano, various artistic expressions have developed, from music to architecture, up to the plastic arts.

Academic and Cultural formation

Loppiano is also a “school-city“: here you learn to be men and women projected into the construction of universal brotherhood, of a united world.

Discovering Nature: Let’s Start

Summer camps in the greenery of Loppiano are coming! A fun and educational experience, entirely in English!


The protagonists, the stories, Loppiano is a laboratory of fraternity in constant action

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