Two years ago, Pope Francis in Loppiano

21 May 2020 | Life

May 10, 2018, the historic visit of Pope Francis to the little city and his memorable speech.

  Exactly two years ago, on May 10, 2018, a pontiff visited Loppiano for the first time. On that day we certainly felt a great emotion of living a historical moment. But beyond the emotion, which we still feel today going through the images of that day, there was something very concrete: the program that Pope Francis gave us. It was 14 pages long – “I hope I won’t bore you,” he said at the beginning – in which he wished us “to focus ever more closely on listening to God’s design, the plan of Loppiano at the service of the new stage of witnessing to and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus to which the Holy Spirit calls us today.” It is not every day that a Pope helps you to “focus on the project”. That is why, today, two years later, we want to repeat that speech, so as not to lose sight of those precious guidelines.  
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