Città Nuova changes; change with Città Nuova

2 Oct 2020 | Editoria, Life

At Città Nuova, emotion is running high: the new magazine, totally different in graphics from previous issues, renewed in content yet faithful to its roots is coming to the homes of subscribers in the month of October. Let’s discover what’s new with the editor, Aurora Nicosia.



Editor, how was the new magazine born?

We involved a few hundred readers in thinking with us of the editorial staff about the magazine that will come out: totally different in graphics from previous issues, renewed in content; new signatures, with a significant involvement of young people in the editorial staff and collaboration of experts from the cultural, social and ecclesial fields; faithful to the roots that give it solidity and open to the creativity required by the times in which we live.

Why this change?

Not only and not so much because the world of communication evolves quickly; rather it is to try to give new answers to today’s new questions. When we started the project we didn’t know that the Covid-19 would turn our lives upside down, that there is a before and, hopefully soon, an after coronavirus. The world has changed and with it our way of being in it. Whether for better or worse, we keep telling ourselves, will depend on each one of us.

What do you experience, what is the atmosphere in the editorial office?

I cannot hide the emotion, the one that accompanies what is newly born. Nor can I silence the fear of how the magazine will be received, although the path that has brought us thus far has been widely shared with many of our readers and collaborators, adults and young people, old and new.

My first editorial as editor of this magazine, just over three years ago, was entitled “Let’s Look Far Ahead; Let’s Look Together.” What was then an invitation and an aspiration, is now a concrete experience because with the editorial staff, collaborators, readers, subscribers, we are walking together, and this allows us to look deep into the wounds of everyday history, as well as far away, towards new horizons to discover: it is experience that gives us courage to change and determination to embark upon new paths.

The new magazine is also accompanied by a new campaign that you have entitled “Città Nuova Changes; Change with Città Nuova”, which sounds like a sort of provocation to the reader…

More than changing the magazine, we care that the magazine changes us so that, together, we can change the world. Make us uncomfortable, Città Nuova if we are comfortable; shake our consciences, if they are distracted or, even worse, asleep; stimulate our participation in the res publica, if we have retired into our private worlds; make us feel part of a world family, if we find ourselves thinking only of our own country. Ours is a journalism that wants to push for action. We have said this before and we repeat it.

It is for all these reasons that we run the risk to change, with particular attention being given to young people, many of whom we know are interested in our project, and thanks to the many adults who have been reading and promoting Città Nuova for years. We hope that our current readers will appreciate the novelty and reward our efforts by continuing to support us; we also hope to reach out to many who are not yet subscribers because change is all the more effective, the more actors contributing to it. In order to start all together, we are starting to spread through all possible channels the commercial that presents Città Nuova.

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