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27 Nov 2020 | Editoria, Life

By Aurora Nicosia and Sara Fornaro.

Inquiries, testimonies, reflections on how to build fraternity starting from the recent encyclical of Pope Francis, can be found in the November issue of Città Nuova.


“Let us admit that, for all the progress we have made, we are still “illiterate” when it comes to accompanying, carrying for and supporting the most frail and vulnerable members of our developed societies.”(FT 64). Thus, we read in the Encyclical “Fratelli tutti” (Brothers and Sisters All). We have made enormous progress in many fields, but we have not learned the language and gestures of caring for one another.

This is what is written in one of the editorials published in the November issue of Città Nuova signed by Alessandra Smerilli entitled “L’alfabeto della cura” (The Alphabet of Care). Yes, we need to re-learn this alphabet at all levels and the current pandemic, like a teacher, continues to remind us every day.

The title of our cover reads: “Women and Men for a New World”. Who are the women and men who would build a new world based on fraternity? It is all of us, it is I, it is you, no one excluded.

How does one build a new world? We tell it throughout the pages of the magazine, convinced that universal brotherhood is not a utopia but it is the only possibility for the future by promoting the culture of healing the world together from all its diseases; believing in the dignity and beauty of each person; having our Planet at heart.

And where does a new world come into being? In every corner of the Earth, in our communities of life and work, in our cities. All this, and even more, we can find in the November issue of CN.


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