What about… May Day in Loppiano?

8 Apr 2022 | Primo maggio, Life

Don’t worry, preparations are underway, even if quietly: Loppiano May Day 2022 will be back live, with many surprises!


It’s official! After two editions live on Youtube, due to the pandemic, this year, May 1st in Loppiano will abandon the web and will take place live! “With the 2022 edition of May Day in Loppiano, we would like to rediscover the beauty of relationships, of being and working together, shoulder to shoulder. For this reason, we have decided to carry out the program in open air, in simplicity, with many workshops, divided into small groups,” the young organizers announce.

They are keeping the title under wraps… But they assure us that they will reveal it soon. They report that the choice to live this day of celebration, in contact with nature, is also dictated by the desire to launch a very precise message that of building fraternity and peace, of which there is an undeniable need, given the times! However, it starts, first of all, by taking care of our relationships with people and nature, up to implementing, where necessary, a decisive turn, a real “conversion” in our lifestyles, to make them sustainable and fair.

Thus, talking with the organizers, one discovers that Loppiano’s May Day is part of the “United World Week”, the worldwide event that, from May 1 to 8, will involve thousands and thousands of people at every latitude, of every age, class, race and creed, committed to give witness to their journey, through ups and downs, towards universal brotherhood. This year’s theme will be “#daretocare: people, the Planet and our ecological conversion””. “Dare to care”, the hashtag of the title means precisely: “we dare to take care”.

So, as they say… stay tuned. There will be new updates soon. May 1st in Loppiano is awaiting us with always new surprises.

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