South Milan community in support of the Theotokos Shrine

27 Dec 2022 | Life, News, Theotokos

A solidarity initiative born far from Loppiano to support the Maria Theotokos complex damaged by bad weather in August.


“What better time, if not Christmas, to encourage the generosity of so many,” those from the Focolare community in the South Milan area asked themselves, thinking about the severe damage done to Theotokos. “The church is part of our family. We had to help,” was their heart’s reaction upon learning the news of the damage. And the young people have been the protagonists since September. And here is the title (“Together for Loppiano”), the musical group of the show (I Meridiana), the place (Rozzano Oratory), the date (Dec. 3).

In a few days the poster, the program for online booking, and the show lineup are ready. Covid also arrives, which creates some problems for the organization of the appetizer dinner. On December 3, heavy rain, many with the flu, the drummer injured a hand, but nothing stops.
The show begins with a link-up from Loppiano. Two gen tell about their experiences at Sophia University and the life of the Gospel. They talk about the situation at Theotokos and the work in progress. Then music and a tasty appetizer, with the joy of many seeing each other after two years. “So much work and fatigue, but in the end so much contentment.” The fruit is also a good amount of euros, sent for the benefit of the shrine complex.


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