Sophia University Institute: two scholarships for Italian students

25 Jul 2023 | Life, University

Announcement of a call for applications – the award of 2 scholarships for the two-year License (Master’s Degree) in Unity Culture (L-CU) course.

Sophia University Institute has announced a selection for the academic year 2023/2024 for the awarding of 2 scholarships for the two-year Licentiate (Master’s Degree) course in the Culture of Unity (L-CU).

The selection concerns all the specific specializations of the course. Namely: Economy, Sustainability, Communion; Political Fraternity and Global Studies; Philosophy, Theology, Trinitarian Ontology; Peace, Dialogue, Communication.

“The establishment of the two scholarships,” Rector Declan O’Byrne explains, “is intended to contribute in making known and spreading among young Italian students the transdisciplinary and international academic experience made at a university like Sophia“. He goes on to elaborate: “That is, a study community capable of preparing to deal with the complexity of contemporary society by offering broad vision, training in teamwork, tools for conflict resolution, problem-solving strategies, pathways to dialogue, in an international and intercultural environment rich in stimuli and opportunities.”

To participate in the selection you must be an Italian citizen, be under the age of 29, hold an equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree, adhere to the Institute’s educational and academic project, and have a basic knowledge of Christian doctrine.

The deadline for applications is September 4, 2023.

All information about the call for applications can be found HERE.


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