From Loppiano a “planetary” gratitude to Pope Benedict XVI!

27 Feb 2013 | Life

Gratitude from Loppiano to Pope Benedict XVI. Thursday, February 28th, a Holy Mass (at 6:45pm) and Eucharistic adoration vigil prayer (at 8:45pm) will be celebrated at the Maria Theotokos Church.

Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement, will be present at the last general audience with a large group of members of the Focolare, to express the Pope the gratitude of all the Movement.

“In this Little Town there is the whole world, we come from more than 60 countries, so I would like to say to the Holy Father a ‘’thank you’’ that is global” – a citizen of Latin America expressed himself with these words, echoing the feeling of all the inhabitants. We wish to reach the Holy Father with a common ‘’thank you’’, which contains the love and the color of peoples, cultures and religions that are present in the Little Town.

A ”Thank you’’ for his ministry, for the encouragement and the support that has always accompanied every portion of the Church, in these years of his Papacy.

For this reason, on Thursday February 28th, the celebrations at Maria Theotokos Shrine, will be of thanksgiving for Pope Benedict XVI, and of prayer for the next conclave. During the Holy Mass at 6:45pm and then with the Eucharistic adoration vigil prayer at 8:45pm, the Little Town will join the whole Church, in order to entrust onto Mary, Our Lady, this special time of grace.

Many are the members of the Focolare Movement who will be present today, on Wednesday 27th February, in St. Peter’s Square for the Pope’s last general audience, to express him gratitude and closeness. Along with them, there will be also Maria Voce, together with the General Council of the Focolare Movement. In a letter to the members of the Focolare Movement, spread throughout the world, the President has suggested to consider the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI “as a call from God to a new and greater measure of unity.”

Here enclosed (see file):
press release on the presence of the Focolare Movement at the last general audience of the Holy Father.

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