Chiara’s several visits in Loppiano, but only one rule: the “PACT”

13 Mar 2013 | Life

It was 1980 when Chiara signed a “Pact” with the citizens of Loppiano. It has become the Little Town’s only rule. On March 14th, we will have the chance to renew this Pact at Mary Theotokos Shrine, at 6:45pm Mass, which will be animated by the international music band ‘’Gen Verde”.

In preparation for March 14th, date of Chiara Lubich’s departure for Heaven, we have taken some images from the archives  and words that are related to important events of the past few years.

What is the message that links each visit of the founder, Chiara Lubich, to this Little Town?

If during any visit of Chiara to Loppiano, she managed to hold meetings, talk about various topics, plan things, open new activities and businesses … it’s because the thread of each of heraction and move has always been Love.

Love has always been the primary rule that has inspired, and still inspires, the life of Loppiano’s inhabitants, since its foundation; in June 1980 it was solemnlystated/agreed by Chiara as the only law of this Little Town.

It is a rule/law which binds as a sort of “Pact”, to which everyone adheres spontaneously and freely, and that involves also those who, like visitors, live in Loppiano even just for a day.

This “Pact” is renewed every day, and especially will be on March 14th, at Mary Theotokos Shrine, at the 6:45pm Mass, which will be animated  by the international music band called ‘’Gen Verde”.

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