This evening, the little town recalls its founder five years after her departure for Heaven

14 Mar 2013 | Life

Today is a special day for the citizens of Loppiano and for all those who recognise themselves in the ideals of unity and fraternity that Chiara Lubich gave to the world and the Church up to 14th March 2008

Her journey was full of events, but also simplicity and everyday life, which saw the founder of the Focolare meet people all over the world and also stay for longer or shorter periods at Loppiano (the ‘Mariapolis Renata’) almost every year. It’s an adventure that the people of Loppiano sense that they continue with her even today, experiencing her presence alive and active in this town which she so loved and continues to love. In this clip, you can view images of the highlights of the visits of Chiara in the little town.

This evening, with songs from Gen Verde, the Mass at 6.45pm at the Sanctuary of Maria Theotokos (Mary Mother of God) will be an opportunity to thank God for everything He has given to Loppiano, the Church and the world with the charism of light brought by Chiara. Countless events are taking place around the world to mark this day.

In this video, Gen Verde sings with the choir of the little town during a celebration at Maria Theotokos.

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