Renata and her life

28 Feb 2020 | Life

We remember the 30th anniversary of the Servant of God Renata Borlone with one of her writings. She had been co-responsible of Loppiano for thirty-seven years.

“We went into a room where there was a small group of young people. Graziella sat in an armchair. She was 24 years old at the time and had two beautiful, blond braids that crowned her face. I sat in front of her while she continued to talk. She spoke a language that was simple and mysterious at the same time. She spoke of her experiences, of her companions, and now and then quoted words of Jesus: “Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted'(…). As I listened to her, it was as if my soul was freed. I had an intuition of God Love. It was not the result of some reasoning, but an experience of Him, luminous and warm that penetrated the depths of my being. I wept from start to finish. I felt God close to me. The image I had had of him up to that point disappeared. He was no longer primarily a judge who punishes the wicked and rewards the good. I left with a sense of an extraordinary sense of lightness, like when I had gone to confession for the first time as a child, and I felt many burdens fall away. My companions just looked at me and made a few comments; they did not understand such an “exaggerated” Christianity… that meeting seemed like something protestant … a girl who speaks of the Gospel … I said nothing; I felt transformed, like a different person. On my way home, I ran all the way down Via Nazionale. It was at that moment that my new life began.”

This is how Renata describes that May 8, 1949, her first encounter with the ideal of unity. She was only 19 at the time. And that “new life”, which began with a run through Via Nazionale, took her, running, until February 27, 1990, the day she returned to the house of the Father. She hadn’t yet turned 60. These days, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of her departure for Heaven and we want to remember her in this way- full of life and a personal and unlimited love for each one. On the other hand, before she died, she repeated: “I am happy, I am too happy. I want to testify that death is Life.”

Unfortunately, the event, in which we would have liked to have made known better the mystical aspect of Renata’s life, set in Loppiano on March 8, has been postponed to a date to be determined. We will inform you of the new date as soon as possible.
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