Happy Easter from Loppiano!

12 Apr 2020 | Life

Nothing can stop love! Jesus is risen! Life is stronger than death! And to bring you our love through this video in the different languages of Loppiano’s inhabitants we send you all our best wishes for a Happy Easter 2020!

We know, we are globally going through such a difficult, painful period, marked by illness and death. But we know too that our hope, our light lies in Easter! So, with this video, we want to wish all Loppiano’s friends a Holy Easter!

As Chiara Lubich said many years ago: “The feast of Easter is the feast of the Risen One, and the Risen One is for me – but also objectively – the greatest manifestation of God’s love for us. A few days ago a very good gentleman from another culture told me […]: “Don’t you think that the issue of humanity’s problems, the fear that lies beneath all fears, is that of death, the thought of death, the reality of death? And it seems to me that this is exactly so. And Jesus knew that too. That’s why coming to earth, He died to save us but He also rose again, He conquered death. And he caused us to rise too, that we too would overcome death. Thus he solved the fundamental problem, I would say, of humanity.”

Happy Easter from the town of Loppiano!

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