CH Linkup: Stories of People Who Take Care of Others

6 Oct 2020 | Life

The “Ch Link” dedicates an entire edition to the #daretocare campaign (literally, “dare to take care”) launched by the youth of the Focolare Movement. And this time, to present it, are two citizens of Loppiano: Alessandra Pasquali of Gen Verde and Michele Sole of Gen Rosso.
On October 3, the “Collegamento CH”, originally a rotogravure sheet in the 1980s, was broadcast live, in the most modern means offered today, from the renovated Auditorium of the Focolare Movement’s Center in Rocca di Papa. Chiara Lubich had expressed the desire, by this means, to “dry up the oceans” and that is to cancel the distances between continents.
The title of this edition was “#daretocare: Stories of People Who Take Care of Others”. #daretocare is the hashtag that identifies the activities and initiatives put in place by those who adhere to the campaign promoted by the young people of the Focolare for the two-year period 2020-2021, which proposes to put the paradigm of care at the center of political and social discourse. And, as can be seen from the stories told in the CH Linkup, it is not just a matter of words or mere theory…
Special presenters of this episode were Alessandra Pasquali of Gen Verde and Michele Sole of Gen Rosso.
“When we received the proposal to lead the CH Linkup together with Gen Verde, it was a great joy and also an honor for us. It was a way to give our contribution to this moment of planetary family,” explains Michele Sole, “Then, when we knew that the focus of this appointment was the #daretocare campaign, of which we too are promoters, we were extremely happy!”
It was during the lockdown that Gen Rosso had their own experience of caring for others: “At that time, through our streaming from home, we tried to take care of others with our songs, our music and our experiences. The echoes we received gave us strength as well and pushed us to continue.”
And what does Alessandra think?
“Presenting the CH linkup has meant giving voice to something that is urgent and that is to communicate and therefore share the realities lived throughout the world, showing the challenges and achievements in building fraternity. One aspect, this time, was that some parts of the presentations were entirely prepared by the communities themselves, who did everything to contribute to CH, as never before.”
Also for Gen Verde, commitment to the #daretocare campaign was born during the lockdown: “As Gen Verde we shared, via zoom, live streaming, our launching of new songs (such as Vincent’s Song, “You Did It to Me”), our commitment to bear witness that only together can we save ourselves in this pandemic. We committed to taking care of our audience, creating a very special relationship with hundreds of thousands of young people in many countries around the world. We are part of the project #daretocare and we will continue to promote it in our daily life and in our creations.”
In short, enjoy watching and… to learn more about #daretocare, click HERE.
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