Highlights: A playground for the children of Loppiano and the world

26 Nov 2020 | In evidence, Support Loppiano

Dream with us! Support the “Playground and Sports Project” of Loppiano!


The area that was chosen is where the green fields are at the foot of San Benedetto Hall. Today, electrified fences protect it from night raids by wild boars, while some young holm oak, cypress, cork and linden trees have been planted and are just waiting to grow, to give their ever-growing shade. Just imagine a place surrounded by nature, where the children of Loppiano or those who come with their parents to participate in the Loreto School or to visit the little city – from the surroundings, from Italy or from the world – will be able to stay together. Through the simplicity of playing, they will experience meeting different cultures and people, in harmony with nature. This is how the children tell it…

Can’t you see it already? The lawn filled with swings, maybe a tower with a slide, a hexagonal gym, a gymnastic path and a thousand other opportunities to romp around and have fun. Then, right there, next to it, an area for the older ones: with sports equipment, parallel bars, traction bars, an inclined bench for abs, and so on. All “accompanied” by GeeBee and W, Walter Kostner’s characters who, with their stunts, give inspiration to both young and old, to help us discover what it means to love. They will, in fact, welcome the children into the park that will be called… By the way, we have a question for each of our little readers: What would you like this park to be called?

Bambini &Progetto Parco

In short, a “green” area. “Green,” as in the simple and familiar language often used in the Movement, is that aspect of love that takes care of “Nature and Physical Life”. On the other hand, as Maria Montessori used to say, “play is the child’s work” and therefore it has an essential primary function in their lives. So then, a playground also in Loppiano is more than welcome!

The project on PAPER is ready; it is just waiting for your contribution!

Total cost of the project

€ 15.000

You can contribute to the “Playground and Sports Project” with a bank transfer to the follwing bank account::

Banca Carige S.p.A. – branch of Incisa V.no (FI)

P.A.M.O.M. account header

code IBAN IT05J0617505463000000534480


The surplus will be donated, at the will of the children of Loppiano, to support a project that helps children in difficulty in Brazil.

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