The Christmas Concert of Gen Rosso

15 Dec 2020 | Life


On December 19 and 20, 2020, Gen Rosso will launch 3 “L I F E L I V E C A R E” Christmas concerts at 3 different times for the benefit of the different times zones in the continents.


Over the years, Gen Rosso has taken its celebration of life around the world through the L I F E concert. It continues to do so, ever more consciously, even in this time of pandemic. This is what they tell us. “The pandemic we are experiencing is disrupting the way we live and relate to others and the world. Its impact calls us to a deep reflection on global issues, such as the challenge of interdependence, in order to implement a project of human coexistence that allows a better future for all…”. The Christmas concerts, scheduled for December 19 and 20, 2020, also fit into this quest. Three Christmas concerts at three different times for the  benefit of the various time zones. “Christmas is the quintessential symbol of rebirth. A better future will only be possible if each of us gets involved, taking care of who and what is around us, through gestures of love which may be small, but  are daily and concrete.”

This is what the band is committed to doing also through their concerts, continuing to stay close to their fans and audience as it is possible at this particular time: that is, through the web, bringing a message of love and beauty, remembering the importance of taking care of those around us, of things and of nature. With this attention to the concept of “care”, Gen Rosso also adheres to the campaign launched by the young people of the Focolare Movement #daretocare, which means “daring to take care” and which places “care” at the center of civil and political discourse, in order to bring about a change of pace, perspective and action that will lead to a better world. Because a world that knows how to take care will also be a more united world.

And wanting to make more concrete this dimension of commitment to take care of the most fragile, leaving no one behind, part of the proceeds from the Christmas concert – according to the formula of free and spontaneous donation – will be donated to the

Fiore Educational Center of Mixco in Guatemala, seriously afflicted and damaged by the tragic situation of Covid 19 and the passage of Hurricane Eta in November. The Center, founded in 2003, is a school that offers education, professional and human formation that is integrated, balanced, pro-social, open to dialogue, the practice of values and the exercise of reciprocity.

Here are the dates and times of the concerts:

1.     Concert – Saturday, December 19 – 1.00 p.m. (Italian time)

2.     Concert – Saturday, December 19 – 9.00 p.m. (Italian time)

3.     Concert – Sunday, December 20 – 11.59 p.m. (Italian time)

To register, please fill out the form on the following link:

So, let’s dare to care, with Gen Rosso concerts!


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