Loppiano, your study holiday destination!

9 Apr 2021 | Life

Thanks to collaboration with the Study Travel Academy tour operator, Loppiano has become a study holiday destination for elementary and middle school students who can spend a week or two there learning the English language, interculturality, and having fun.


Study Travel Academy is a language training tour operator that believes in the importance of the individual growth of children. It is an ethical and environmentally friendly company that fully embraces and openly shares the values that Loppiano represents. In fact, it collaborates with AMU, an NGO friend of Loppiano which, since 1986, has been committed to reducing the gap between peoples and nations through the implementation of international cooperation projects and educational programs on global citizenship around the world, especially in vulnerable regions.

The Study Travel Academy team is smart and dynamic, engaged in language training for years and constantly updating itself in order to provide its guests with unforgettable learning experiences.

The summer holidays program, which is the main focus of the Travel Academy, are language training experiences that allow young people to spend a week or two learning, intercultural and fun. The children will share this adventure with fellow travelers of the same age. They will improve their language skills, while spending moments of leisure in the nature workshops where they will discover the beauty of the environment.   


The Italian Social Pension Institute (INPS) provides a scholarship of up to € 2000 for children of State employees and other categories, which allows them to take part in the summer study holiday. The Travel Academy has achieved the status of ISO 9002: 2015 and UNI EN 14804:2005 certifications, and that is why the packages are accredited and recognized by their high quality. The scholarship is an excellent opportunity for elementary and middle school students to experience a study holiday in Loppiano, but also for high school students, who can apply for a scholarship for a summer study holiday in Italy by taking part in the activities. Topics are chosen by the Study Travel Academy! Enrollment ends on April 13, 2021.

Discover Loppiano

The Study Travel Academy provides a detailed program to each participant, which explains the educational benefit of this type of experience at Loppiano. Young people can also register individually, by going to their home page. The Study Travel Academy staff is at your complete disposal to support children and families, from enrollment to returning home!

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