Gen Rosso and Gen Verde take off again!

10 Sep 2021 | Life

Gen Verde and Gen Rosso begin live concerts in Italy and abroad. They already have several appointments, beginning in Italy, bringing both beauty and hope with their art.


Nobody can say that our international music groups were stopped by the pandemic. During the last year and a half, they never left us, but constantly came up with new ways to reach out to us, to come into our homes, sharing our fear, illness, loneliness, the passing of the seasons, even Christmas and Easter, taking care of us and of our families, with the beauty and the hope of their music. They got busy with live streamed concerts on YouTube, new songs and new video clips.
Here in Loppiano we saw them in the cafeteria, at the Industrial Park, and watched them as they walked with us on our streets. They were among us for a long period of time, probably longer than they ever had been at one time. But sooner or later, it had to happen. Yes, they’re going back on the road. They informed us a few days ago.
We already miss them. But they will be our ambassadors, our extended arms, because they are capable of bringing the hope of Loppiano, this ongoing laboratory of fraternity, to the farthest corners of the world, to the peripheries of the world that are thirsty for love, for caring, and for dialogue. This is their calling: to go, to live and to give.

We would like to accompany them from a distance and, at the same time, to thank them for the time shared together in the citadel. Here are the next performance engagements of Gen Rosso and of Gen Verde.

Gen Rosso

Gen Rosso already began its long-awaited season of live concerts, beginning right here in Loppiano on August 7, 2021. Two days later, they were in Porto Sant’Elpidio, Italy, for a benefit show. On September 22, 2021 they will be in Terra Nuova Bracciolini, Italy, in Piazza della Liberazione.

Gen Rosso

But there is one appointment that Gen Rosso holds particularly dear: the concert and workshop on October 25 – October 28, 2021 at the refugee camp in Bihać, Bosnia Herzogovina. Tomek recounts; “The idea was born from the invitation of Pope Francis to do something for the people on the margins of society. We asked ourselves what concrete thing we could do. We thought of the migrants along the Balkan route who nobody wants. Obviously, we’ll only be able to do this if we find the funds for the project, which we are preparing in collaboration with the Jesuit Refugee Service.”
Meanwhile, the Gen Rosso 2021 Contest continues, a musical contest geared towards young musicians living in Europe. All the information can be found by clicking here: GEN ROSSO CONTEST 2021

Gen Verde

Gen Verde begins its live concerts with the Gen Verde Tour Italia 2021. The first dates are scheduled for September and October: September 19 at Vicoforte, Italy; September 25 in Luino, Italy; October 2 in Sorbolo, Italy; October 3 in Bergamo.
“We’ve never taken for granted the presence of our audiences at the concerts,” Marita emotionally explains. “Our audience is always the most important factor for us and, everything we do and say, is empowered only when we have someone in front of us. . . Therefore, after these two years, it is like rediscovering the beauty of this precious exchange that is generated between us and the people who are there to listen to us. The online concerts have been a powerhouse that have allowed us to reach many people at the same time on all five continents. But now we can’t wait to meet in person all those people who were in front of the screen.”

To know about the upcoming concerts of Gen Verde concerts, click here: PROSSIMI CONCERTI.

Locandina Gen Verde

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