Christmas in solidarity is at the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park

17 Dec 2021 | Life

In the weekend before Christmas, the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park hosts three proposals to promote solidarity, the local area and recycling.


L’Erba brusca del Burchio

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th, from 10:30 to 18:30, the premises of the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park will be filled with the Christmas markets of local producers, craftsmen and women and associations known as “L’Erba brusca del Burchio.” The market, attended by artisans, producers, farmers, artists, professionals and associations, is now in its third edition. It aims to promote the local area and quality work that promote eco-sustainability, culture and social commitment. In short, “L’Erba brusca del Burchio” is a different way of understanding the familiar Christmas market, rediscovering traditions and local products of the area, promoting cultural initiatives and experiences of social commitment and civic responsibility that represent a resource for our area.

The Re-use in Solidarity Weekend

On the same days, in the premises of the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park hosting the experience of the Fagotto permanente (an on-going initiative promoting the exchange of goods), the Re-use in Solidarity Weekend will be held.

They explain from the Ass. SALVE! Health To Share onlus that promotes the initiative: “It will be an opportunity to circulate clothing, accessories and household goods so as to combat the culture of waste, guarantee a second life to materials that are still good, and allow everyone to access otherwise inaccessible goods.”

This is an opportunity to visit or discover the Fagotto permanente (the on-going site for the exchange of goods), a sharing space set up on the second floor of the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park. Not a flea market but an initiative that, since 2014, aims to face the economic and value crisis in which we live by contributing to the spread of a more sober lifestyle, based on the culture of giving and a spirit of gratuitousness because “What is extra for us can constitute what is necessary for the other.”


Up until Sunday, December 19th one can still bring to the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park, food and basic necessities, thus participating in the solidarity initiative “AiutiAMOci” which wishes to reach, with Christmas gift packages, the many families in this period who are facing difficulties. Saturday the 18th, always at the Business Park, we will begin to pack Christmas gifts.

For information, please contact: +39 055/8339506

Aiutiamoci 2021
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