Lebanon and Sophia

22 Apr 2022 | Life

Ukrainian guests of the Polish citadel “Fiore”.

Bishop Cesar Essayan, Vicar of the Latins in Beirut and Giuseppe Argiolas, Rector of the Sophia University Institute signed a memorandum of understanding to promote the participation of Lebanese students in the Licentiate (two-year) courses in Economics and Management.


According to the latest United Nations reports, about 15% of Lebanese families have been forced to interrupt their children’s education. In fact, the serious social, economic and political crisis in which the Country of the Cedars has plunged is well known. In addition to high inflation in recent months, there has been a shortage of fuel, electricity and basic necessities such as food and medicines (in particular, milk for babies and medicines for the chronically ill). This is forcing people to make painful choices that have the extreme consequence of extending the country’s crisis to the educational and cultural spheres.

Thus, on March 24, on the occasion of the visit of Bishop Cesar Essayan, Vicar of the Latins of Beirut, to the citadel of Loppiano, a memorandum of understanding was signed with Sophia University Institute, in order to collaborate – as stated in the text of the agreement – to “recreate the conditions in Lebanon for economic and social development” and to allow young Lebanese “to have access to various degrees of study”.

“Only a cultural breath different from ours can help us open our eyes on our own situation and find different ways to rebuild our country,” Bishop Essayan said in front of a representation of students, of the teaching staff of the Institute and of Rector Giuseppe Argiolas, co-signer of the protocol. To train people who recognize themselves as “people”, with a vocation for the common good and who know how to build it. And, if we, through this collaboration, can allow even one person to do this… Isn’t there a saying? ‘He who saves a life, saves the world'”.

According to the protocol, Sophia University Institute commits to promote the participation of Lebanese students in the Licentiate (two-year) courses in Economics and Management for the next three years and to promote research, publication of results, cultural exchange and activation of scholarships in order to support the costs of enrollment and lodging at the University Campus.

“Lebanon – added Bishop Cesar Essayan at the end of the ceremony – is a country that needs a lot of unity. We still cannot unite as a people. This is one of the wounds that we cannot heal and one of the challenges that we still cannot take seriously. Fear prevents us from moving toward the other, partly because we have never had an experience of the other like the one this university can offer.”

As of today, in Beirut, there is already a potential candidate interested in the Economics and Management course who is undergoing interviews with the vicariate and Sophia. In addition, the first donations are arriving to support Lebanese students through scholarships.

  • In order to support the scholarships for Lebanese students at Sophia University Institute, it is possible to make a bank transfer to the current account in the name of “Fondazione per Sophia” at BANCA POPOLARE ETICA

IBAN: IT52I0501802800000011307055

Reason for payment: Liberal donation for young Lebanese students


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