“Beyond suffering”

5 Aug 2022 | In evidence, Life

“Beyond suffering: My God, my God why have you forsaken me?” (Mk. 15:34) is the theme of the spiritual exercises to be held Aug. 23-28 at the Vinea Mea Spirituality Center in Loppiano.


It is addressed to families, consecrated, priests, singles, youth and adults. In short, to everyone. The topic is evident from the title: grief. It is a universal experience that unites and touches the life of every human being, sooner or later.

An experience that, lately, we have all experienced more or less directly: the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, with its deaths and forced migrations, the many outbreaks of what Pope Francis has called a “world war in pieces,” not to mention the consequences and disasters generated by climate change… How many questions rise up from all of us and all of humanity!

Starting from Jesus’ cry reported in Mark’s Gospel (Mark 15:34)-“My God, my God why have you forsaken me?” – through guided reflections, excursus in the Old Testament, prayer, personal meditation, talks and moments of sharing, we will discover in the light of the charism of unity, God’s gift to humanity – a “Jesus crucified and forsaken,” the model of all human suffering, the key to seeking and finding answers to all pain.


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