Darío Russi is the new co-director of Loppiano

9 Sep 2022 | News, Life

Darío Russi, from Argentina, takes the place of Franco Galli, who has reached the end of his term. Margaret Karram, president of the Focolare Movement, with the consent of the General Council, appointed the new co-director of Loppiano.


Darío Russi, born in 1966, an Argentine from Buenos Aires, has been appointed as the new co-director of the Loppiano citadel. . He will take the place of Franco Galli, , who is leaving at the end of his term. Franco had arrived in November 2017, from the Swiss Focolare citadel, Montet. . Only a few months later, he had been able to welcome Pope Francis on his visit to Loppiano: it was May 10, 2018.

Darío Russi grew up in Avellaneda, a city that borders that of Buenos Aires. His mother was a seamstress and his father a bus driver. An only child, he was educated by the Salesians. To support his university studies, he worked in pharmacy administration. After a two-year experience in the Argentine citadel of O’Higgins, “Mariapolis Lia,” , he left for the School of the focolarini in Loppiano. At the end of his formation he returned to his country, graduated in economics and then, worked as bursar of the diocese of Quilmes. . For the past four years he has been co-director of Mariapolis Lia.

He will arrive at the end of January 2023 in Loppiano.

“We know Darío because of the moments we have been together with him in the past,” Donatella, Franco and Mariateresa, the citadel’s current co-directors, immediately commented, “and he seems to be a wonderful person who will help continue to build the life of the Mariapolis, as we are all trying to do!

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