Zamagni – Oxford, a Native of Genoa, Civil Economy and Singularity

19 Jan 2023 | Economy, Life, News, Training

A day of study for Professor Stefano Zamagni’s 80th birthday, sponsored by the School of Civil Economy, based at the Bonfanti Industrial Park in Loppiano. Impressions in an atmosphere of lively gratitude by colleagues, students, entrepreneurs.

The economist Stefano Zamagni was remembered by his colleagues and students citing his great generosity as his first quality. Then his interdisciplinary vision that distinguishes his work was highlighted. And again the feeling of social responsibility that characterizes him. Thus began the study day celebrating Professor Stefano Zamagni’s 80th birthday (Jan. 4, 1943) in an atmosphere of lively gratitude from colleagues, students, entrepreneurs, workers from non-profit organizations.

“The Vocation of the Civil Economist” was a tailor-made title for such an event, promoted on January 13 by the School of Civil Economics, of which Zamagni is chairman of the scientific committee. The School is based at the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park in Loppiano. Two panel discussions were timely insights describing who the scholar Zamagni is and what impact he had on those who met him. There were deep and strong impressions with an overview (also amusing) from qualified speakers such as Michele Dorigatti, Luigino Bruni, Elena Granata, Pierluigi Sacco, Leonardo Becchetti and Sergio Gatti.

Professor Zamagni, how is a distinguished economist doing now that he has reached his 80s?
“He is well, because he is satisfied with the path he has been on since the years of his university youth, but above all he is well because he hopes to see at least completed the first stage of a journey that began about a quarter of a century ago that gave birth to the project of civil economy. I always remember when, on the occasion of the granting of honorary citizenship to Chiara Lubich by the city of Rimini, I was called to deliver the so-called Laudatio. I am from Rimini. That was about 20 years ago.”

What happened then?
 “On that occasion I spoke to Chiara Lubich about the civil economy, and she, who had never studied economics, struck me very much, because she understood exactly what the heart of this paradigm was, so much so that she said, “Well, but the Economy of Communion is an expression of the civil economy.” I will always remember those words. Which is to say that in her mind first and in her work later she thought that Christian witness in today’s world cannot take place only inside the churches, in the oratories, but must first and foremost concern two spheres, that of politics and, above all, that of the economy. And this idea of hers gave me the strength to continue, despite difficulties of various kinds, as you can easily imagine.”

Today’s celebration manifests that the sowing has borne fruit…
“My joy in this celebration is not so much to celebrate the past years, but to look forward and make Sophia University become the true thought-generating lung in this area. So far, for various reasons, this has not been able to be realized. But this is my aspiration. It is a kind of pact with Jesus.”

Indeed! What does the pact consist of?
“I have asked Jesus that before I die, he would show me that this can come true, because the civil economy needs a cultural lung.. And this can only be Sophia University. The fact that this celebration is taking place here at the Loppiano Industrial Park is no coincidence. And this is a way to also breathe new life into the Economy of Communion project that is going on well. Obviously, between ups and downs, as is always the case, which, however, needs action-oriented thinking.”

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