1973-2023: 50 Years of Commitment to Celebrate

24 Jan 2023 | Life, News, Primo maggio

"Common Ground | Me, You and Us" is the title of May 1, 2023, which rediscovers the value of caring for ourselves, each other and our relationship with Mother Earth. It also proposes an idea of well-being that aims to contribute to the adoption of responsible choices and behaviors for the collective well-being. Loppiano's May 1st officially opens United World Week 2023, concluding the campaign "#Dare to Care, People, the Planet and Our Ecological Conversion."


Well, yes. It has already been 50 years since that May 1, 1973. The citadel was then taking its first steps… It is said that about 10,000 young people reached the hills of Loppiano moved by the desire to search for great ideals to live by. The event was entitled “World Man, Beyond All Barriers” and it had the audacity to propose universal brotherhood, a united world as an ideal, to all present. Since that May 1st in 1973, history has not stood still! Not even the recent pandemic has hindered the will and enthusiasm of young people who have given continuity to this appointment, transferring it online, with creativity, thus reaching tens of thousands of peers around the world.

The next event will take advantage of the long weekend-April 29-30 and May 1, 2023 – to welcome young people who want to participate in the citadel, with workshops, experiences, initiatives, live performances, and even a show.

The title? “Common ground | Me, you and us.” 

The proposal? To rediscover the value of caring, of taking care of ourselves, each other, the relationships that bind us and our relationship with our mother Earth. This is proposing an idea of “well-being” that can contribute to the adoption of socially responsible choices and behaviors, for the collective well-being; rediscovering our common belonging to something greater, of which we are part and which transcends us. It is an invitation to get up, get out and set out, to act together. 

In this vein, May 1st Loppiano will officially kick off United World Week 2023, which concludes the campaign “#Dare to Care, People, the Planet and Our Ecological Conversion. A live show will be streamed live from the citadel.

The “Common ground | Me, you and us” event is ideally on the path to World Youth Day in Lisbon.




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