The 80 Years of the Focolare Movement: Meeting in Loppiano

4 Dec 2023 | Citadel, Dialogue, Events, Life, News

On December 9th, there will be an afternoon open to everyone during the Mariapolis in Loppiano, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Focolare Movement. On this occasion, Luigino Bruni will present his new book titled: “101 Questions About Chiara Lubich.”

It has been 80 years since that December 7, 1943, when the young Chiara Lubich, amidst the ravages of war in Trento, consecrated her life to God. Recalling that transformative moment, she expressed, “I marry God, so I expect all possible good. It will be a divine adventure.” Following this personal and private commitment, a diverse community gradually coalesced around her, drawn by the novelty of the evangelical life embodied in her charism. This movement would extend from Trento to encompass the entire world. Hence, December 7, 1943, is perennially regarded as the birth date of the Focolare Movement.
To mark the anniversary, the Mariapolis titled “Building Fraternity” will be held in Loppiano from December 7th to 10th.
The program features moments of reflection, testimonials, workshops focusing on the theme of fraternity across diverse facets of social life, and a commitment to peacebuilding.
On Saturday, December 9th, in particular, the event will be open to all who wish to partake in the celebration of the 80 years of the Focolare Movement.
In the morning, guided and experiential tours are scheduled to explore the citadel’s places and daily life. In the afternoon, starting at 3:00 PM, a retrospective of the significant events in the life of the Focolare Movement will unfold through testimonials, filmed documents, and artistic contributions. Following this, at 5:00 PM, economist Luigino Bruni, marking the release of his new book “101 Questions about Chiara Lubich,” will engage in a dialogue with journalist Paolo Lòriga. At 8:00 PM, a special highlight awaits: the Worldwide Connection, accessible via live streaming, will bring together the global Focolare family with the presence of President Margaret Karram and Co-President Jesús Morán. The day will culminate in an evening of celebration, featuring artistic and musical performances from various corners of the world.

The program

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