Loppiano, Figline e Incisa Valdarno (FI) – Italy


Young people from 18 to 30 years old


To experience fraternity lived in everyday life

Welcome to Project Youth!

A place where you can live together with other young people coming from all over the world, belonging to different cultures, believers or non-believers, who want the experience of fraternity with others.

How does it work?
There is no predefined program. We are here to make a personalized experience, based on the needs and requirements that each one expresses and wants to face. It is both individual and collective. Living together, in a multicultural reality like Loppiano is not easy and there are many challenges to face daily, but the experience of fraternity leads us to overcome them by putting ourselves at stake. Through work, art, music, nature, dialogue, personalized training and much more we have the opportunity to get to know the inhabitants and life of Loppiano, where we try to live in a family environment.
And how did we get here?
Through the most varied ways. Some wanted to stop, take some time off, others wanted some time for themselves to regain their physical and spiritual energies. Others simply became curious hearing about it.
And what did we find?
A real family, friends, the possibility of personal growth and much more.

A unique experience in the International Little City of
the Focolare Movement

Tailored to the needs and interests of young people the program also provides the following:

  • Knowledge of Loppiano and its inhabitants

  • Participation in significant events taking place in the little city

  • Themed activities with moments of social and sporting activities

  • Moments of reflection, personal and community prayer

  • Deepening of the Spirituality and Culture of Unity

  • Various practical activities to make one experience an active and creative fraternity

What are you waiting for? To participate get in touch with the tutors of Project Youth, and together you will find the arrangements that fit you! Write us at: giovani@loppiano.it

progetto giovani estate a loppiano
progetto giovani a Pasqua
progetto giovani al lavoro nell'orto
progetto giovani con il Gen Verde
progetto giovani gita a Pisa
progetto giovani loppiano experience 2019